Capability Statement

Curtain Wall Design and Engineering

  • Engineering for exterior cladding systems, glass fin walls, cable net walls
  • System design, structural engineering, thermal analysis
  • Engineering and detailing of standard and custom curtain wall systems
  • Engineering and detailing of point supported glass
  • Shop drawings
  • Fabrication drawings

Glass Engineering

  • Engineering of artistic, architectural, and industrial glass structures
  • Engineering of glass floors and glass treads
  • Engineering and detailing of point supported glass
  • Development of details
  • Shop drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Budgeting of design options

Conceptual Detail Development

  • Provide a technically correct customized curtain wall system defining design intent
  • Detail development
  • Assist the architect in preparing the contract documents

Architectural Drawing Review

  • Review the architectural drawings to verify optimum performance of conceptual design
  • Review and comment on architect's tender and contract documents

Review Bids for Technical Compliance and Performance Requirements

  • Review and comment on the curtain wall tender and scope drawings for technical merit and performance
  • Review the bid proposals and schedules for completeness and logistics

Value Engineering

  • Review and compare cost performance options between curtain wall contractor's design and architect's wall design and specifications
  • Offer recommendations to reduce cost yet maintain the integrity and architectural features of the curtain wall

Shop Drawing and Calculation Review

  • Review and comment on the curtain wall shop drawings and structural calculations
  • Verify proposed system meets the requirements of the contract documents, design loads, and governing building codes

Other Services

  • Research and development of custom facades
  • Glazed cable net system design
  • Structural glass, glass floors, glass stair system designs
  • Thermal performance evaluations
  • Computer-aided 3D renderings
  • Code interpretation
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